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8/16/2016 Team BODY Bootcamp

Switching it up with High Intensity Interval Training! Check it out and see if you will be sweating as much as we did!

Warmup with Leg Dynamic Movements (Lunge with Arm Reach, Toe Taps, Monster Walks, Lateral Lunges, Butt Kicks, etc) then pull out that orange loop band and warmup the upper body with Windmills, Upright Rows, Pullbacks, and Pulldowns.

HIIT 30 Seconds Hard, 15 Seconds Rest, 4 Rounds!

Jumping Jacks

Sandbell Circles

Goblet Squats


1-Minute Interval Stations, 2 Rounds

Equalizer Bars Round 1: Agility-Quick Feet Over-And-In

Round 2: Triceps Dip

Sandbells Round 1: Forward Walking Lunge with Rear Leg Raises

Round 2: Single Leg RDL

Battleropes Round 1: Alternating Waves

Round 2: Side Quick Waves

Calisthenics Round 1: Full Situp, tapping elbows to thighs

Round 2: Side V-ups

Cooldown, Stretch & Team Photo Finish with a fun PRISMA filter!

See you Next Week for more fun!

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