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7/26/2016 Team BODY Bootcamp

The evening started at 100 degrees in temperature, so the group made an adjustment to the program. Slowing things down at the beginning was smartly played, then when the temperature cooled a bit, the bodies were ready for higher intensities.

Our warmup consisted of Band Overhead Flex, Band Windmills, Band Upright Rows, and Band Deadlifts (easy.)

We turned to the right onto the trail. Instead of running, we grabbed a sandbell and headed to our destination with dynamic movements.

First, the Sandbell Lunge to Double Lateral Lunge: holding the sandbell close to our chests and engaging our core muscles, we first lunged forward, then as we stepped our back leg forward we would pivot and turn stepping that foot out into a lateral lunge, doubling back on that lunge, then stepping in to start again pivoting to face towards our destination. Developing and learning new patterns of movement is essential in keeping our brains healthy!

Next up, was the Sandbell Dribble Jog: tucking the sandbell under the leg as we stepped forward, passing it to the other hand.

Lastly, the Sandbell Chuck Run Chuck: throw the sandbell as far as you can and sprint/jog to it, repeat

The Interval Sets

45 Second Intervals

TRX Squat T's

Sandbell Circle Slams

Band Supinated Grip Row

Pushups - Negatives

30/30 Second Intervals

TRX Oblique Knee Tucks/Pikes

Sandbell Single-Leg RDL, R/L

Band Powerpulls, R/L

Lateral Band Walks (loop band), R/L

Cooldown walk back to stretch and congratulate the team for a job well done and surviving the heat!!! Nice job, EVERYONE!!

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