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7/12/16 BODY Bootcamp

Outdoor Bootcamp

Oh Legs! Thanks for hanging in there as we attacked those legs with 3 Different TABATAs!

After our warmup of Band upper body openers and dynamic lower body movements we got right into our leg workout. Here is what we did:

TABATA (full 8 cycles of 20 seconds hard work, 10 seconds rest)

First TABATA alternating between Cariocas and Band Deadlift

Second TABATA alternating between Jumping Knee Tucks and Deep Quick Squats

Third TABATA alternating between Forward to Rear Lunge and Mountain Climbers

Then we took a right onto the trail and ran to the bench for intervals.

30/30 Intervals (at stations)

1: Stability Ball Glute Ham Press/Marching (hamstrings)

2: Jumprope Double Unders or Single Leg Jumps

3: Battlerope Side Waves (Shakeouts)

4: Bench Pushups/Bench Dips

45 Second Intervals (at stations)

1: Stability Ball Plank with alternating Knee Tucks

2: Jumprope Double Unders or Cross

3: Battlerope Alternating Waves

4: Burpee to Bench Step Up or Burpee to Bench Jump

Run back to parking lot for a stretch down.

Our legs may have been feeling toasty, but our bodies were feeling awesome. Way to go TEAM for demolishing that workout!

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