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6/28/2016 BODY Bootcamp

After our warm-up with bands and dynamic movement, we quickly got the lungs and heart pumped with a full 8 cycles of TABATA Sprints. Then jogged down past the bench to our spot for some strength work.

3 Stations, 3 Rounds

Battlerope Station

R1: 30 Second Left Side Slams/30 Second Right Side Slams

R2: 45 Second Alternating Waves

R3: 1 Minute Seated Rainbows

Sandbell Station

R1: 30 Second Left Rear Lunge to Overhead Press/30 Second Right Rear Lunge to Overhead Press

R2: 45 Second Hip Swings

R3: 1 Minute Burpee with a Slam

Stability Ball Station

R1: 30 Second Left Oblique Raise/30 Second Right Oblique Raise

R2: 45 Second Back Extensions

R3: 1 Minute Rollouts

After our strength interval sets, we got into our last, all effort exercises!

The Finisher, 4 minutes, as many rounds as possible of:

10 Side Plank Arm Curl Under (both Right and Left)

10 V-ups (alternating legs)

10 Jumping Jacks

We recaptured our breath as we wrapped up our gear and trotted back to the parking lot. Well done, Team BODY!!!

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