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6/21/2016 BODY Bootcamp

Happy Summer Solstice! It was thought to be a hot day in the park, thank goodness for the breeze, because we heated up our bodies with a dynamic warm-up and lots and lots of intervals for the evening. Here is what we did:

Leg Drills

Forward lunges out, backwards shuffle back

Side Lunges out, side hurdle steps back

Other side lunges out, other side hurdle steps back

Butt kicks out, backwards shuffle back

High knees out, backwards shuffle back

Jog out to the bottom of the hill

3 Rounds of 30 Seconds

2 Teammates on Battlerope Scissor Steps

2 Teammates on Plank Jacks

1 Round of 1 minute at each station:

Battlerope Quick Double Waves

Sandbell Circle Slams

Superband Facepull

Stability Ball Rollouts

1 Round of 1 minute at each station:

Battlerope Jacks

Sandbell Hip Swings

Superband Biceps and Triceps

Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Our finisher of the evening was a TABATA (full 8 cycles) alternating between Loop Band Lateral Walks and Sandbell Chops.

Hydration, proper nutrition, and being fit is what kept this team fully functional and able to finish strong!! A lot of fun was had!

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