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6/14/2016 BODY Bootcamp

This Team of Three brought their legs and lungs to the BODY workout tonight! After our band exercises and dynamic movement to warm up, we went into Progressive Sprints and Planks.

Progressive Sprints began at 50% of maximum effort, following the length of the parking lot and back; dropping down into a plank to regroup and get those stabilizers doing what they do best: Stabilize! Each Sprint increased in effort by 10% up to 90%; then we rested a bit before taking on two 100% maximal effort sprints with a small recovery in between.


We headed on the trail with a jumprope and sandbells in tote and stopped for a circuit at the bench.

1 Full Minute at each Station, 3 Rounds!

Station 1: Bench Burpee (with pushup) to Step Up or Bench Jump

Station 2: Single Leg RDL with a 20lb Sandbell

Station 3: Jumprope, modify with Double Unders

We continued down the trail to the bottom of the hill and stopped for 2 separate TABATAs (full 8 cycles).

TABATA 1: Alternating between Sandbell Slams and Forward Leaps (Uphill or Flat)

TABATA 2: Alternating between Over-The-Sandbell Skater and Overhead Alternating Lunge (modify without overhead)

We then went back to the bench for a Team Challenge!

High Five

One Team Member on the Bench completed 10 Repetitions of Single Leg Sit to Stand finishing both legs, while the other Team Members stuck with One Arm Sandbell Rows (lawnmower). When all Team Members have completed the Single Leg Sit to Stand, the Challenge is over and we head back to the parking lot for a stretch.

See YOU next week for more challenging and fun fitness!

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