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5/31/2016 BODY Bootcamp

Designed for the shade of the parking lot, as it was a hot evening in Moraga!

After our dynamic warmup with Bands and Lunges and toe reaches, we got into the meat of the workout with TABATA workouts!!!

Here is what we did:

First TABATA (full 8 cycles) alternating between Sandbell Slams and Sandbell Squat Jumps

Then we calmed the heart rate back down with a set of GUGD, Single Arm Sandbell Row (lawnmower), Single Leg Touchdown, Sandbell High Pull, Band Half-Kneeling Rows, Kneeling Pushups.

Second TABATA (full 8 cycles) alternating between Sandbell Toe Taps and Side Plank

Followed by another set of everything non-TABATA

Our final TABATA (full 8 cycles) alternating between Over-The-Sandbell Jumps or Skaters and Side V-up

Then cooled down and stretched. Phew, this was a heart-pumping workout! Nothing like High Intensity Interval Training to get the heart and BODY in shape!

5/31/2016 Team BODY

See you next week!

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