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5/24/2016 BODY Bootcamp

We mixed up our routine on this fine Tuesday Evening. It was chilly out, so we had to warm the body up with our Band exercises and Dynamic Leg exercises. To get the body temperature to rise we did a 4-minute Buddy Challenge:

Your Buddy is at the other end of the parking lot holding a plank. There is a sandbell in the middle of the parking lot. Sprint to the sandbell, grab it, backpedal back to your own side then chuck it as far as you can. Quickly get down to hold a plank. This is where your Buddy responds with doing the same thing: sprinting to grab the sandbell, backpedaling all the way back to her/his side then chucking it as far back into the middle of the parking lot as possible. Phew!

Due to the uneven amount of people, yours truly had to participate. And, I can tell you that my lats, arms, shoulders, and abs can feel this challenge. But, we didn't stop there! Here was our workout:

Buddy Station 1: 4 Rounds

One Buddy is doing Butterfly Legs Full Situp.

Other Buddy is doing 10 repetitions of Battle Rope Double Waves then Side-to-side Hopovers down the length of the rope.

Buddy Station 2: 6 Rounds

Standing Side by Side and holding a Band between the two Buddies, one Buddy squats (holding the band at the chest level) while the other Buddy stands straight up raising the band far above the head for 25 repetitions. Repeating on the other side.

Buddy Station 3: 2 Rounds

Both Buddies are running up the hill to the bench to do either a bench pushup to a bench jump or a modified bench burpee to a bench step up for at least 5 repetitions.

The Finisher: 2 Rounds

One Buddy is in a half-kneeling position holding a Band. The other Buddy grabs the middle of the Band and steps back for a secure position. The kneeling Buddy pulls the Band back to squeeze shoulder blades (Band Row). Switch positions after 15 repetitions.

Things got real fun! And we started doing balance tricks!

Looking forward to more fun next week!!

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