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5/17/2016 Team BODY

Some new happy faces joined the team on Tuesday evening for a challenging workout!

The wagon was overflowed with equipment; and if it wasn't hot enough outside, the equipment was there to raise BODY temperatures.

Team photo

Here's what we did:

It all started in the parking lot with the 3 best exercises to do with a Super Band! Warmup with lunges, zombie walks, butt kicks, lateral lunges, etc.

Full TABATA (20 seconds of intense exercise, 10 seconds of rest, 8 cycles): Alternating between Sprints and Planks

Release run to destination, past the bench down the hill... Set up Battlerope, Stability Ball, and Sandbells.

Round 1 -- Three Stations, 2 minutes each station, 2-person teams at each station

Station 1: Battlerope Alternating Waves and Sumo Squat with Sandbell High Pull

Station 2: Stability Ball Hypers and Sandbell Single Leg RDL

Station 3: Lunges Up the Hill, Jog Back Down

Team Challenge -- One person from each team, 2 minutes, AMRAP

Round 1: Hill Run to Bench with 10 Side Step Ups Each Leg

Round 2: 5 Burpees with Sandbell Slam and 10 Single Arm Sandbell Row Each Arm

After a bit of agility, we wrapped everything up and jogged back for a cool down and stretch and team photo! Great job, TEAM BODY!!!!! Way to get that BODY moving!

And just when we thought our workout was complete, someone's car died in the entrance. Our female team members were all over it! They pushed the car into a spot and dusted their hands like it was the easiest thing they did all night. Hmmm, idea for next week's Tuesday Evening BODY Bootcamp!! See you then!

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