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5/10/2016 BODY Bootcamp

Hills, Bands, and Sandbells with your Buddy!

Bootcamp Buddy Training

Meetup point was at the usual spot of the parking lot across from St Marys College. We spent the first quarter of our workout with a warmup: 3 band exercises and dynamic leg movements like grapevine, lateral shuffles, lateral duck walks, etc.

Then we did a 4-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of:

10 Squats

10 Squat Jumps

10 Pushups

1 Out-and-Back Sprint (I'm guesstimating about 40 meters is the length of the out-and-back)

Now that we were all warmed up, we jogged out to our destination (turned right on the Lafayette-Moraga Trail, past the bench and down to the bottom of a small hill).

Perfectly sized group to split into buddy teams for 3 different stations of 1 minute each, 2 rounds, then we changed the exercises and did another 1 minute, 2 rounds!

Band Station Round 1 & 2 = Facepull, Narrow Row, Straight-arm Pulldown

Band Station Round 3 & 4 = Chop Left, Chop Right

Hill Station Round 1 & 2 = Skip Uphill, Jog Down

Hill Station Round 3 & 4 = Back Pedal Uphill, Jog Down

Sandbell Station Round 1& 2 = Circle Slams Alternating Sides

Sandbell Station Round 3 & 4 = Single Leg RDL Left, Single Leg RDL Right

Our finisher for the night was a Buddy Up with a Band Paloff Press and Hold. Then we jogged it back to the parking lot for a stretch down and a group photo.

Great teamwork everyone!! So glad we took pictures, it was such a perfect night for a workout.

See you next week!!

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