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5/3/2016 BODY Bootcamp

So much energy with a team of 5 awesome athletes!!! We had so much fun at BODY Bootcamp, I forgot to take pictures.

Here was our workout:

After our 3 most important Band warmup exercises (Overhead Windmills, Upright Rows, and Deadlifts) we did our usual Leg Drills to get warmed up (High Knees, Butt Kicks, Lateral Lunges, Monster Walks, Duck Walks).

Duck Walk

Then we turned right onto the trail and ran past the bench, down the hill, back up the hill, then back down the hill, and returned back up the hill to the bench for intervals

ONE Minute Intervals at each station, TWO Rounds

Battlerope Chops

Stability Ball Rollouts

Equalizer Inverted Body Row

Chuck-a-Sandbell, Run, Chuck-a-Sandbell, Run -- On the hill

Bench Push-ups to fatigue, then Bench Dips

Then the team blasted their legs with Step Ups and agility drills on the Battlerope. And, finished with team abdominal situps pushing the battlerope over their heads!

Way to go Team!!!

Next week, someone remind me to take photos!!

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