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4/12/2016 BODY Bootcamp

Powered up and ready for action, our group of four started off the evening with TABATA intervals of Deadlifts paired with Sprints, then Band Walks in all directions -- Go Hips!

We then jogged out on the trail (turning right), making our stop at "the bench". Here was our workout:

Round 1 -- 30/30 seconds

Battlerope Side Slams

Single Leg Step Ups

Stability Ball Oblique Raises

Round 2 -- 1 minute

Battlerope Alternating Wave with Step Back Lunge

Sandbell Hip Swings

Stability Ball Hypers

Round 3 -- 1 minute

Battlerope Seated Rainbows

Modified Burpee on Bench with Sandbell Overhead Press

Stability Ball Rollouts

Round 4 -- 3 minutes

All Battlerope exercises

All Bench and Bell exercises

All Stability Ball exercises

Cool-down jog back to parking lot for stretching. Wow, this was a serious glute burner.

See you next week!

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