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4/5/2016 BODY Bootcamp

Our small group powered through the evening adding to our little heat wave with mobility drills as our warmup, a quick TABATA in the parking lot (why not?), before getting into our interval rounds of Battlerope, Sandbell, and Stability Ball. Here was the workout!

TABATA 20 seconds on 10 seconds off

2 cycles of Superband Deadlifts

4 cycles of Side Band Walks

2 cycles of Sprints

Interval Rounds 1 minute hard, 2 seconds transition/rest


R1--Alternating Waves with Step Back Lunge or Jumping Lunges

R2--Clockwise Circles to Counter Clockwise Circles

R3--Jumping Jack


R1--Single Leg Jumps

R2--Single Leg Sit to Stand

R3--Step Up

Stability Ball

R1--Hamstring Curl



We finished with a cool down walk.

See you next week!

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