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3/22/2016 BODY Bootcamp

Finishing up our workout with a shake-out walk/jog/run back to the parking lot!

The Workout

Mobility Drills out to the Pullup Bars: Lunges, Toe Reaches, Butt Kicks, High Knees, Lateral Lunges, Low Lunges, Hip Circles

Round 1

TRX station 1: Back Extension and Body Row

TRX station 2: Hamstring Alternating Curl and Glute Press

Superband station: Resisted Jump and Tricep Quick Press

Sandbell Sprint station: Single Leg RDL and Slams

Round 2

TRX station 1: Alternating Single Leg Pistol Squat and Chest Press

TRX station 2: Oblique Knee Tuck and Plank Abduction/Body Saw

Superband station: Resisted Single Leg Knee Strike and High to Low Chop

Sandbell Sprint station: Burpee to Overhead Press and Single Leg Bag Jumps

Our finisher for this evening was Buddy Sandbell Shuffle Chest Passes, Standing Back-to-Back Torso Rotational Passes right into Squat Rotational Passes. Then the lovely jog back.

Such another wonderful evening to be outside!! Until next time,

Be well!

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