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10/13/2015 BODY Bootcamp

BODY Bootcamp our name, glutes were our game! Last night started off with warm-ups of skipping, grapevines, lateral lunges, high knees and butt kicks. We worked with bands for upper body and hip/core stabilization; our abdominals feeling strong! The exercises were designed in round-robin or stations style playing on the picnic table and drought-stricken grass:


1: Band Lateral Walks followed by Hip Bridges on the picnic table bench

2: Single Leg Sit to Stand

3: Single Arm Chest Press on Picnic Table

4: Step Up on picnic table bench followed by Dips on the picnic table bench

5: Battle Rope V-sit Overhead Rainbows - facing away from anchor point


1: Glider Mountain Climbers

2: Sandbell Clean to Press

3: Kneeling Band Single Arm Tricep Overhead Press

4: Battle Rope Slams


Band Opposing Up/Downs -- want to know what this challenge is? Email me!

Great job everyone!!!

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