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Gotta Love Them BURPEES!! It was nice to have some cool weather, where we could really heat things up with calisthenics, like Burpees, and running. Here is what we did:

Warmup: Burpees, squats, lunges, arm rotations, and torso rotations

1/4 mile run

Band Upright Rows, Band Ys & Is, Band Arm Curls

Battlerope Skaters, Lateral Hops, Lateral-moving Scissors

TRX Chest Fly, Standing Rollouts

Band Chops

Battlerope Jumping Jack

TRX Powerpull

Pullups (assisted with Band, if necessary) followed by Band Tricep Extension

Battlerope Seated Rainbows

Team Drill (Team moves together!):

Forward Lunge with Battlerope Overhead Press

Battlerope Back Squat

Battlerope Goodmorning

1/4 mile run

Cooldown and Stretch!

Way to Go, TEAM!!! See you outdoors next week for more BODY conditioning.



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