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8/25/2015 BODY Bootcamp

After our warm-up, before we set out for the pullup bars, we stuck around the parking lot for a series of planks. These planks involved a buddy and a band... Alternating pulling made the plank difficult; pulling at the same time as your buddy made the exercise extra challenging!

Lunging, shuffling, leaping, and running to our set-up destination got our legs pumping. We spread the rope to its length, hopped side to side all the way down and sprinted back. Then we worked agility with scissor hops the length of the rope and sprints back.

Other exercises we did:

Battlerope seated tug of war

Sandbell Single-Arm Row to Slams

TRX Single-Leg Burpee with a Pike

Bent Arm Hang with Bicycle legs or Pullups

Band Triceps Quick Press

Battlerope Side Kneeling Sidewinders

Sandbell Squat to Overhead Press

Sandbell Jumps Single-Leg

TRX Chest Press to Standing Roll-Out

Great outdoor fun!! Such energy! Everyone gave 100%!! Goooooo TEAM!!

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