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Free Sample Workout

Warm-up elliptical intervals 15 mins + shoulder band warm-up + foamroll quads and IT for better performance

2 rounds of:

Dynamax ball get-up-get-down to overhead throws

Battle rope side plank side-winders

SL TRX balance lunge to hop

Quad extension

Weighted bar (heavy 95lbs) glute bridges

Cable Glute blaster

V-sit with battle rope alternating press

Then 2 rounds of:

Flat Bench Press

Battle rope double waves - wide stance

Battle rope forward moving double snake

Battle rope alternating waves - narrow stance

Cable Seated Row

Half-pull-up hold hanging knee raises (as many as I can hold arms at 90 degree) then straight-arm hold hanging knee raises to finish reps up to 20!

Finish with stretching! Especially, all of the muscles of the hips

Enjoy! Let me know how it goes!

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