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7/28/2015 Tuesday BODY Bootcamp

Even in the heat of the night (we finished in 88 degree hot/dry California weather!), we had a stellar workout! The agenda included:

2 by 30 second intervals/15 second rest

Battle rope drummers

Squat hold

Super band torso twist

TRX body row and Y

Sandbag slams

Quick footwork was tested with side-to-side jumps over the battle ropes and skaters!

Team Challenge finished in 3:59!

3 people continue together to sit-up and press battle rope up

2 people rotate in to finish 20 reps of Super band tricep press and 12 reps of TRX chest press

Communication was imperative as a person cannot go from tricep press to chest press and vice versa without switching with someone on situps

Great job, TEAM!!!!!

#Bootcamp #TeamDrills

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