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Tuesday Night BODY Bootcamp

We called it TEAM ASICS: all four team members were sporting their ASICS shoes for Bootcamp tonight!

We brought out the 20-lb & 12-lb Sandbags and the TRX again; but we added a resisted jumping element to the evening!

The team worked hard from the very beginning with Sandbag carrying Lunges, Side Shuffles with Sandbag Tosses, Sprint Carries...

We made it halfway to our destination of the pullup bars, then we brought out the resistance band and set up the TRX. We also did group abdominal work.

Partner Stretching is Awesome!

Every week we are going to step things up a notch!

So Jump in NOW to condition your BODY!!!!

Sign up for next Tuesday for our first CHARITY BODY Bootcamp. We are supporting TEAM Red, White & Blue!

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