• Jenny Ong

First Tuesday Evening BODY Bootcamp

Good times were had by all, as the session ended in smiles. The meeting place was Moraga Commons. We each carried something that we would use in the workout; hiked out about .65 miles. We dropped our gear, did a few warm-up and mobility exercises, split into 2 teams, and carried out the routines. Team A: TRX Body Row, Plank with Sandbag Drag, TRX Side Hip Drop, Single Leg Sandbag Jump. Team B: Sandbag Carry Sprint 50 feet to 5 Sandbag Slams (Sprint back), Mountain Climbers, Ruck Toe Taps, Burpees. Both Teams: Assisted Side Chin-ups. Sweaty and fun! On the way back, we stopped off at the decline benches on the Par Course and did Leg Lift to Hip Lift. Extra Bonus!!

Kiwi popsicle

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