It was at my last duty station when I was in the gym helping some soldiers with resistance training to improve their scores on their Army Physical Fitness Test, that I realized how much I enjoyed teaching.  I love introducing new challenges to the mind and body.  After my 7-year career in the Army, I finished up a degree in Exercise & Sport Science at the University of Utah.  I was able to combine my two joys of teaching and anatomy by being a teaching assistant in the Anatomy Lab.  My passion continued with 2 years of teaching Water Aerobics, Indoor Cycling, and Resistance Training Classes.  I moved to the Bay Area in 2009 where I continue sharing my passion for teaching Indoor Cycling, Personal Training, Small Group Training, and TRX Instruction.


  Small Group Training and Personal Training can build a bond similar to the camaraderie between soldiers.  It is a relationship built by hard work and working towards a common purpose.  


  Our bodies are amazing machines.  If you create a mind-body connection, then you will have an intelligent machine.  I have witnessed my clients accomplishing this connection.  My clients have had some amazing accomplishments (just to name a few):  Triathlons, Marathons, Hiking Half-Dome, Feeling Fit and Strong Throughout Pregnancy, Feeling Energized for Grandchildren, Reversing Osteoporosis, Recovering From Hip Replacement, Recovering From Injury/Surgery, Reducing the Amount of Medications, Century Rides, Obstacle Course Racing... 


What will your intelligent machine accomplish?


Meet Jenny